Association Women in Action

Association Women in Action

The AMA - Associação Mulheres em Acção (Engl. Association Women in Action) - is a women’s association created in 2001.It is a non profit civil organization which aims to eliminate discrimination against women and gender inequalities and is committed to promoting equal opportunities between men and women.

 "Charter of Principles"

1. Men and women have equal dignity as human beings. They have equal rights and equal opportunities, in a social, cultural, economical and political level in particular, and in the participation in public life, in general.

2. Men and women, with equal dignity, have positive traits and complement each other.
This diversity should be acknowledged as it represents enrichment. Feminine values should be respected and brought into relief, as well as the woman’s unique contribution to society and family.

3. Traditional family as the fundamental unity of society is the appropriate environment for transmitting life values, raising children and protecting all individuals in every society. Parents are expected to raise their offspring, to guide the children’s development and to promote their full education, namely, by encouraging them to a responsible exercise of citizenship. Maternity and paternity ought to be recognized as a social purpose.

4. The human life is inviolable and its dignity and value should be respected from the moment of conception till natural death. Any sort of rejection of this principle is unacceptable, as is the case of abortion, euthanasia, human embryo experimentation and human cloning, death penalty, or every eugenic testing based on an illegitimate use of the most recent science advances.

5. The organization of modern society, specifically regarding labour, poses a number of difficulties which affect mainly women. On the other hand, it is necessary to fight against idleness, prejudice, and any kind of discrimination. Thus, we commit ourselves to struggling for the women’s rights, that is, the right to equal access to employment, the right to equal pay, the protection of motherhood, and supporting women in balancing work and family life, through their equal participation in public life.

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